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Insulation Contractors Greenville SC

Are you looking at getting an insulation contractor for your Greenville, SC home but unsure if it is all worth it?

In Greenville, SC, insulation contractors are an indispensable workforce since we deal with something that homeowners concern most – how to make their home energy efficient. We provide a lasting value that not only provides comfort but also long-term savings.

Insulating your home is one of the best investments you can make, and choosing the right insulation contractor for it is one challenging feat, yet, the rewards are great.

In this article, we at Greenville Spray Foam Insulation would like to help you understand the value of our service. We want to educate our potential clients about insulation and help them maximize their benefits to theirs. Continue reading on to learn more about our solutions and how you can benefit from your investment with us as the insulation contractor for your Greenville, SC home.

Valuable Tips from Insulation Contractors You Can Learn From

The best thing about hiring us as the insulation contractor for your Greenville, SC property is getting insider information and benefitting from them. Getting us means you can take advantage of our competence, skills, training, license, and experience.

Are you ready for some valuable insights from the pros?

Insulation is an important element in building engineering that provides a lasting value in any property. When you hire the right contractor for the job, you get to experience a return of investment throughout its lifetime.

Here are some of the information and service we can extend to you:

​How to choose the right insulation for a particular space in my house?

We have developed a system to make sure we cover all the important information about your home and your needs. With proper assessment and evaluation of your space, we can come up with proposed solutions with all the details you need.

When it comes to insulation, we are targeting to work with your home’s building envelope. By preventing heat transfer between the inside and the outside environment, we can now create and maintain a conditioned space. This is where your HVAC system can thrive well, thus, increasing your home’s energy efficiency rating.

Here are more tips when working on the building envelope:

For Attics

Studies show that about 80% of energy lost in the home escapes through the attic. Boosting the insulation here can save you about 10 to 50% of your total energy expenditure. Investing in an insulation system that fits your attic’s structure and the environment outside is a surefire way to maximize your savings.

For attics, we recommend working with fiberglass batts, cellulose, or spray foam. These three types of insulation can provide you the right coverage and R-value. But ultimately, the final decision will be based on your specific requirements and the condition of the space.

For Crawlspaces

It is also crucial to provide crawlspaces with insulation as it is in close contact with the ground. Without proper insulation, the heat from the ground can creep within your floors and affect the temperature inside your home. Some homeowners deal with this by putting a basement but know that unconditioned air within this space can still affect your home.

We recommend using spray foam for crawlspaces. This is because we are not just dealing with insulation, but also potential problems concerning pests and humidity. Spray foam is a special insulation material that expands three to four times its size before it hardens rigid solid. This unique property makes it easier to cover the gaps in between flooring materials. The durability of hardened spray foam dispels pests from getting through, and its cellular structure bars moisture buildup.

For Walls

When insulation is a great concern for your new home in Greenville, SC, we as your insulation contractor suggest building solid walls to provide maximum comfort. However, we can still work on cavity walls filled with insulation.

For existing walls, we can bore holes to fill with blown-in fibers or spray foam.

How to maximize my energy efficiency benefits?

Getting yourself an insulation contractor like us in Greenville, SC is your first step towards investing in a long-term solution concerning energy efficiency. Working with a professional ensures that all problem areas will be addressed properly.

Choosing the right type of insulation fit for your home’s environment and requirements maximizes your energy efficiency benefits. Again, your end choice can depend on different factors like budget and preference. We advise our clients to also consider long-term efficacy and durability to give more mileage for their investment.

If our client is willing to invest more, we recommend spray foam insulation. After many years since their insulation is installed, many homeowners are still benefitting from its consistent performance. Unlike other insulation materials where its R-values diminish over time, spray foam remains resilient. Some insulation contractors in Greenville, SC can even give up to 50 years’ warranty for their product – that is how we bank on its quality and performance.

How to know when it is time to change my insulation?

If you are to acquire a property in Greenville, SC, it is best to have an insulation contractor like us Greenville Spray Foam Insulation assess its existing insulation first.

There is a strong need for us to evaluate the insulation of older homes since it might contain asbestos – a harmful material found in older types of insulation. It can cause serious health problems when inhaled. It takes a professional to completely remove and dispose of it, and it is not worth the risk for you.

While the chances are slimmer in encountering asbestos in your home’s old insulation, it is still best to check its condition before you move in.

It could be the best time to change your insulation or call an insulation contractor for your Greenville, SC home when you experience one or more of the following:

  • Usual signs of wear and tear like torn insulation batts
  • Powder-like materials falling from your ceiling or attic
  • You feel unusually colder or hotter in certain areas in your home
  • The floor feels unusually cold; the same goes with your sinks
  • Your energy bill is skyrocketing steadily
  • Your heating or cooling unit needs more repair than usual
  • The existing insulation is about 15 years old or more
  • There are molds in your insulation

How to know the R-value in my area?

Areas in the US are categorized into zones when it comes to R-values. This is a standard for builders and contractors to follow, for them to build an energy-efficient and climate-adaptable home or commercial space.

Check the US Department of Energy website to know which zone your area is part of. We as your insulation contractor in Greenville, SC area can help you achieve the required R-value of a particular area of your home.

Aside from those above, as your insulation contractor for your Greenville, SC property, we can assure a systematic approach in installing a custom-fit solution for you. We do not render guesswork but use the proper method of getting dimensions and measurements. We invest in the right and updated equipment so we can get the job done faster and more efficiently. Our value lies in our expertise, tools, and credibility in the market.

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Choosing the right installer and get the best type of insulation for your project can help you to enjoy and to get the best job possible. Knowing all the extra benefits that spray foam insulation in Greenville SC has to offer.

Other Problems Insulation Contractors Can Solve

Achieving an energy-efficient home does not just rely on insulation alone; it is a system. The goal is to create an air barrier within the building envelope that keeps the conditioned air inside and unaffected by the environment outside.

In Greenville, SC, most insulation contractors focus on installing insulation on the building envelope. We at Greenville Spray Foam Insulation also have teams who can assess your home wholly and locate other problem areas like:

Location of air leaks

There are insulation types that cannot provide complete coverage, missing on some areas where air can still leak through.

We as your insulation contractor in Greenville, SC also have BIP-trained energy auditors who can make a thorough assessment of your space’s condition. With their evaluation, you can have a better understanding of the crucial areas in your home where air can leak and affect your comfort and most especially, your energy expenses.

Our certified energy auditors use tools like thermal imaging cameras, duct blast testing, blow door testing, as well as visual inspections to identify these problem areas accurately.

Damp and condensation problems

We as your insulation contractor in Greenville, SC will first look for visible cues that your current insulation is already up for an update. One of the first signs we look for in outdated insulation is damp areas. This means that high humidity air can enter your home and comes in contact with places of lower temperature. This activity causes the vapor to form because of condensation. And condensation should not be welcome in your home at any cost.

Condensation in closed spaces like your home can cause molds and mildew to form. We all know that this can cause health problems. It can also cause negative effects on the stability of your home’s structure. And it also can damage your wood furniture.

Addressing both your insulation and ventilation can help solve condensation problems. This is where we can help you deal with it.

How It Works.

Curious about how it all works? It’s simple! Contact us to discuss your needs and schedule a consultation. Our experienced team will assess your project, provide tailored solutions, and handle the entire process with professionalism. Let’s get started today!
Assessment and measurement of the space to be insulated.
Mixing the components of the spray foam insulation
Curing / Finishing
Allowing the foam to cure properly, which may take a few hours.

Tips in Hiring Insulation Contractors

You may now be convinced that you need the insulation in your home to be replaced, pronto. However, the challenge is now on how to know who to hire for it. In Greenville, SC, many insulation contractors specialize in different types of insulation and it can be daunting to know who to choose.  

Here are some important tips when hiring the right insulation contractor in Greenville, SC:

1. Check their license.

Laws protect homeowners from working with inexperienced contractors who do not even know what they are doing. Licenses are required for contractors to compel them to invest first in training, equipment, and other requirements before they will be allowed to offer their services. We at Greenville Spray Foam Insulation complies with the license requirements of South Carolina and we can show proofs of that.

2. Ask if their team and your project are covered with insurance.

Some states require insurance protection before granting a license. This is another assurance for homeowners that we as your insulation contractor is liable for any possible damage that can happen to your home in Greenville, SC.

Aside from liability damage, there should be insurance that protects the staff from possible accidents while on the job. This ensures that their safety is our primary concern and that we provide the right equipment and follow safety protocols on site.

3. Look for a warranty.

The best insulation contractors in Greenville, SC will not hesitate to offer a warranty for their work. This is a strong testament to our capacity to build a reliable, effective, and long-lasting insulation for our clients. Like us here at Greenville Spray Foam Insulation, we provide warranties for our projects, with lengths depending on the type of insulation we install. Remember that each insulation material could only guarantee a specific lifetime, and that is where we base our warranties from.

4. Inquire about the equipment they invest in, as well as the brands they swear by.

You can get some firsthand cues on the quality or craftsmanship of your prospective contractor. We invest in the right equipment not only to get the job done faster but also to provide better quality outcomes.

When it comes to brands, we carefully select those that are project-appropriate and have proven results. We usually offer several options to accommodate a variety of budget ranges, but we make sure to explain some advantages and disadvantages to help you decide.

5. Ask for their experience and line of expertise.

As mentioned, there are insulation contractors in Greenville, SC who specialize in a particular insulation type or area to insulate. If you have specifics about this, it can help narrow down your options by going straight to these contractors. This also assures that your project will be handled by experienced people with the right skills, training, and exposure. 

6. Do not get sold just because of marketing.

While marketing plays a great role in winning clients, always have the presence of mind in spotting contractors who are just all sales talk. When dealing with potential insulation contractors in Greenville, SC, be prepared with some knowledge about the service you are looking for. Some contractors can sense a clueless person and can take advantage of it, pushing unnecessary services that do not add value to you but just sales for them.

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