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Attic Insulation Greenville SC

Nowadays, we can apply a lot of technologies in our homes to improve our way of living. Consequently, we consume more energy than we ever did before, which also translates to higher energy expenses. Some may have been embracing this lifestyle as part of the norm, but essentially, is our home really energy-efficient?

In Greenville, SC, attic insulation is one of the make-or-break areas in your home that can influence its energy-efficiency rating. Studies show that about 85% of the total heat lost in your home escapes through the attic.

By having effective insulation in place, we can shave about 10 to 50% off our heating costs, according to the US Department of Energy. Combining attic insulation with other energy efficiency techniques like air ventilation, roof conditioning, and air sealing can boost and maximize your energy savings.

We at Greenville Spray Foam Insulation can make your attic work with, not against, your HVAC system. You must create an air barrier to help seal the conditioned air inside. Conditioned air escaping your house is wasted energy, therefore, is a wasted expense, too.

Allow us to help you understand the value of efficient attic insulation in place in your Greenville, SC property. We will explore more about why working with the building envelope is the best starting point. Also, you’ll know the important things about attic insulation in Greenville, SC like its types and pros and cons of each, its supposed R-value, the cost of replacing one, some tips to consider before having it installed, and the value of working with an attic insulator versus doing it yourself.

Understanding the Building Envelope

One of the best techniques in improving the efficiency of your home is by working on the building envelope.

As you see, the building envelope acts as the shell of the structure. Aside from that, it also serves other functions such as additional support in the structure and for aesthetic purposes.

Mainly, the building envelope encloses a space by separating the internal from the external environment. This is important so that the inside space will not be directly affected by the climate or weather conditions outside.

In homes, the building envelope must be weatherized to withstand environmental factors such as humidity, storm, ultraviolet radiation, etc. At the exterior, it can be installed with siding, is painted, or is treated. On the other hand, air vents and insulation can be put in the structure, wall cavities, or the interior space itself. It is still crucial to allow the air to circulate safely, that is, without wasting too much of the conditioned air inside.

When it comes to homes, one of the best areas to insulate if you want to gain maximum benefits is the attic. In Greenville, SC, attic insulation is being given a good amount of attention since homeowners do not want too much heat to escape during the winter season. 

You can achieve a host of benefits from installing attic insulation in your Greenville, SC home. Let us explore them one by one.

Benefits of Insulating the Attic

Homeowners certainly regard their attics as a valuable and important area of the house. It can house seldom-used items, or serve as an extra room when the need arises. However, did you know that an attic does more than providing additional floor area or storage space?

The attic can be an additional layer of protection to the home’s occupants against direct heat, excessive moisture, or extreme cold. But, for it to serve this purpose well, it should be properly insulated first.

For your Greenville, SC home, attic insulation can improve energy efficiency by helping your heating and cooling system work efficiently. This lessens carbon emission and at the same time, minimizes the energy lost through the attic. With proper air sealing in place, the overall benefit of having effective attic insulation in your Greenville, SC home results to maximum energy bill savings.

Here are the other benefits of having attic insulation in your Greenville, SC property:

Regulated indoor temperature

Since there is minimal heat transfer happening with attic insulation in place in your Greenville, SC home, your heating or cooling unit can easily regulate the temperature inside without much effort. Of course, a consistently-regulated indoor temperature brings comfort to the home’s occupants.

Longer lifetime for your heating or cooling unit

A heating or cooling unit works by maintaining the indoor temperature regardless of the temperature outside. As long as it does not sense that it achieves the set temperature, the compressor will continue working. Overworking your unit may reduce its lifetime and affect its normal operation.

One of the major reasons for a heating or cooling unit overworking is constant heat transfer. When space has areas where air can escape or where outside air enters, it introduces this problem. Thus, it is important that these escape routes are sealed and that the building envelope is properly insulated.

Lower energy bills

One of the direct effects of attic insulation to your Greenville, SC home is energy efficiency. Practically, energy efficiency can help you lower your energy bills by a significant percentage since your HVAC system is more effective and works under normal conditions. You can also keep conditioned air longer without keeping your heating or cooling units working longer.

Improves the quality of indoor air

Some insulation types double as an air filter. Alongside barring outside moisture from coming inside, it also traps the pollutants that come with it. Air leaks also allow toxins, pollens, dust, and dirt to accumulate in the house. Thus, attic insulation in Greenville, SC is one way to keep these harmful elements out of your home.

In Greenville, SC, attic insulation does more than acting as a thermal barrier. But for it to bring out this long list of benefits, you must use the right type according to your home’s requirements. Continue reading to know more about attic insulation and how you can utilize its value for your home.

What Should be the R-value of an Attic?

Before we continue discovering more specifics about attic insulation, let us first understand the role of the R-value of Greenville, SC. What is an R-value, anyway?

R-value is a terminology used in the construction industry to represent how well the insulation is capable of resisting heat transfer. You can see it written as R-“digit”; the higher the digit, the higher its performance.

In the same way, different regions, as assigned by the Department of Energy, have R-value requirements. Zoning categorizes areas to determine their climate conditions. Insulation installers or contractors must achieve the R-value requirement of your home depending on which zone you belong to.

Driving you to a more nuclear point of view, different parts of the building envelope were also assigned with a particular R-value, depending on its exposure to the outside environment.

The attic is one of the more exposed areas of the house since it receives a direct effect from the roof. Moisture, heat and cold accumulate in the attic. Therefore, attic insulation is given great importance in Greenville, SC since it is the gateway for air escaping and entering the home.

South Carolina generally experiences a mild climate, but still receives more heat or cold during summer and winter seasons. With this, it is required to have about 13 to 14-inches thickness of attic insulation that achieves a minimum of R-38 value. That is the same with Greenville, SC homes.

R-value is rather a technical but crucial factor to consider when installing attic insulation or other types of insulation within Greenville, SC. It is best to consult with insulation installers like us Greenville Spray Foam Insulation. Aside from installers, we also have energy auditors who can help you assess the overall condition of your space in terms of thermal resistance. Data-driven solutions can help you maximize the value of our service.

Now that you understand a little bit of science involved in attic insulation in Greenville, SC, we can now proceed to check out on other specifics. Read on to know more about the other important factors in attic insulation like cost and types.

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Factors that Affect the Cost of Attic Insulation

In Greenville, SC, attic insulation is a big investment in terms of both benefits and costs. The good thing is that it is flexible to accommodate a variety of budgets since it utilizes different materials. However, in understanding how cost affects its performance in many ways, you can decide which provides the best value for your money.


We already tackled about R-values and why it is an important element to consider in insulation. Since higher R-value materials give out higher thermal resistance, they are also more expensive. Regions requiring high R-values would entail a bigger investment.

Existing insulation

Some homes have already an insulation in place. An insulation installer or energy auditor can assess the space and propose solutions to help you reach maximum comfort and energy efficiency. We may require a total overhaul, especially for older homes that have outdated or already ineffective insulation.

Dimension of space

Of course, the dimension of the space determines how much attic insulation is needed for your Greenville, SC home. We use the appropriate measuring equipment to collect this data. From it, we can calculate the right thickness and coverage fit for your requirements.

Insulation material

Different materials can be used to insulate attics. Your ultimate decision may be influenced by this fact alone. Or, you may consider the long-term benefits of each material instead. Further, into this article, we will discuss your options for attic insulation in your Greenville, SC home.

Pros and Cons of Different Attic Insulation Types

We may perceive value and benefits differently, depending on our goal. In terms of attic insulation for your Greenville, SC home, you may be prioritizing long-term benefits over practicality or vice versa. Some homeowners also consider aesthetics, or availability, or maintenance considerations. But as for us here in Greenville Spray Foam Insulation, we present your options in terms of cost-effectiveness.

In Greenville, SC, your choices for attic insulation include fiberglass (batts and loose-fill), cellulose, and spray foam.

This is one of the easiest to find and to install insulation in the market. You can find it in improvement stores and comes in rolls of standard thickness. Glass is known to be an excellent insulator and is spun into fibers. You can use the fiber-only version to be stuffed within cavities, gaps, ducts, and other hard-reach-areas. Flat surfaces and plain-sight areas in your attic can be installed with rolls of fiberglass batts.


  • Easy to find and install
  • Different R-values depending on standard thickness (usually comes in two sizes)


  • Could not provide complete coverage
  • Insulation performance drops over time


You can work on these fiber-like materials made of grounded or shredded paper. You need to use a blower to install these in place.

There are several methods to put cellulose in spaces. Loose-fill cellulose is applicable in home retrofits. It requires that we drill a hole in your wall and fill the space using a blower. If you have concerns about dust, we can use wet-spray cellulose. Here, cellulose is mixed with water or chlorine. This provides better binding and sealing than its dry counterpart.

For attics, we recommend using stabilized cellulose. Cellulose is mixed with adhesive to help it settle on sloped areas of the attic. It also reduces the overall weight of the product and avoids sagging.


  • Affordable
  • Better performing than fiberglass batts
  • Reduces mold build-up


  • Introduces dust particles in the home
  • Needs a professional to install

One of the breakthroughs in insulation is the usage of spray foam. This particular material fulfills the need for insulation that provides higher R-values that remain effective over time. As you see, some insulation materials lose their efficacy as years go by, but spray foam as attic insulation for Greenville, SC homes are a good investment.

Spray foam is a compound out of combining two other chemicals. An insulation installer uses a spray gun, which also combines these two. Spray foam is initially fluid upon application, which by then expands about three to four times its original size before solidifying hard. This is one special property that makes it stand out among other insulation options.

There are two types of spray foam – the open-cell and closed-cell type. The latter gives out a higher R-value per unit area than the former, but each has a unique set of applications.

For attic insulation in Greenville, SC, we can recommend both types. But if you have major concerns about moisture, closed-cell is a better option, particularly if you will work on the roof underside.


  • Provides the highest R-value
  • Can act as soundproofing material
  • Air and moisture barrier
  • Expands to fill hard-to-reach areas
  • Longer lifespan


  • Needs a professional to install
  • Expensive

Now that we are done exploring some of the viable options for the attic insulation of your Greenville, SC home, read more of our tips before working on that next big project.

How It Works.

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Assessment and measurement of the space to be insulated.
Mixing the components of the spray foam insulation
Curing / Finishing
Allowing the foam to cure properly, which may take a few hours.

Things to Consider Before Insulating the Attic

Attic insulation is one of the most valuable projects you can invest in for your home in Greenville, SC. To get the maximum benefits out of it, you should carefully weigh your options and decide according to your priorities and needs.

Before working on your attic insulation project, here are more tips for you:

Get an attic insulation contractor

There is value in choosing to work with a professional instead of doing it yourself. As we already know, attic insulation involves science and attention to detail, which we may not have the right skill to understand and execute. Professionals also have the proper equipment, skills training, and competence to ensure a safe, effective, and compliant outcome.

Tap an energy auditor

An energy auditor can help you assess your home to know the crucial areas that cause discomfort and unnecessarily-high energy expenses. It includes air leaks and ineffective insulation.

Some insulation contractors already have in-house energy auditors like us here at Greenville Spray Foam Insulation. We have BPI-certified energy auditors who can carry out audits on your space and work with our insulation installer to make sure you address all the issues before installation.

Carry-out routine inspections

Before applying new insulation, consult with your other contractors like those in-charge of your roof and electrical connections. It is crucial to have these checked first to make sure we do not cover faulty areas as it may be harder to address them after new insulation is installed.

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