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Spray Foam Insulation in Greenville SC

Your home or commercial building in Greenville, SC can benefit from spray foam insulation in many ways. Aside from giving you maximum comfort during extreme seasons like winter or summer, you also reap savings from higher energy efficiency and less maintenance cost. Overall, installing spray foam insulation today translates to an investment that yields ROI to the point that it can pay itself through the benefits you experience.

Spray foam is one of the many materials that builders use in homes and commercial spaces. Allow us at Greenville Spray Foam Insulation to introduce you to our flagship service, spray foam insulation catering to Greenville, SC residents.

Discover how spray foam insulation in Greenville, SC fares with other insulation types and how we can maximize its benefits for your home’s unique requirements. Read on.

Parameters of Good Insulation

When it comes to addressing comfort concerns in our homes, one of the first things that come to mind is installing insulation. Regulating the temperature inside the space and weatherizing the exterior are some of the benefits that insulation can bring. Ultimately, the result of having good insulation in place translates to higher energy efficiency, maximum comfort, and cost savings.

Builders are utilizing different insulation materials depending on the area requirements. Each material may have some advantages over the other or is more applicable to an area because of its form. Insulation contractors like us Greenville Spray Foam Insulation know which best material to use depending on different aspects like the client’s budget and space requirements.

However, choosing which material to use in insulating homes or commercial areas primarily depend on their properties. When it comes to home insulation, here are the important parameters to consider:

  • R-value (thermal efficiency)
  • Coverage area
  • Lifespan/Effectiveness


In the construction industry, an insulator’s thermal resistance property is defined by its R-value. It is the metric assigned to insulation materials to denote its capacity to resist heat flow; the higher the number, the higher resistance it provides.

There are two major considerations when it comes to knowing which R-value is right for the space to produce maximum comfort and energy efficiency:

  • Part or area of the home to be insulated
  • Which region or zone your home is located

The Department of Energy, or DOE, sets these R-values as standards that builders or insulation contractors should follow. Meanwhile, insulation is installed in the home envelope, which comprises of the wall, crawl space, floor, and attic. These areas require different R-values and should collectively form a properly insulated space.

There is also the so-called regions or zones that require different R-values to be met based on their climate or temperature situation. It is important to check which zone your home is part of, then see if the required R-value matches that of your home envelope’s total R-value. We at Greenville Spray Foam Insulation as your insulation contractor can help you with this technicality.

Coverage Area

Aside from barring heat transfer, disallowing air from the inside to go out, and the outside air to penetrate inside is also an important parameter to achieve. With this, good insulation should be able to cover the whole home envelope sufficiently to create an air barrier.

An air barrier can help your home’s HVAC system work efficiently and under normal or ideal conditions. This increases its capability to regulate the temperature inside without working harder.

Another aspect to consider when talking about coverage area is the capacity of your insulation material to effectively cover crucial areas, even those hard-to-reach ones. Fluid and lose materials like spray foam and fibers are some of the best insulation materials that are outstanding in this criterion.  


The insulation material itself should be able to resist weathering and is durable enough to remain effective within a long period. Especially when talking about large-scale insulation that involves high upfront investment, it should not only be cost-effective in terms of features but also because it lasts.

Now that you know how to gauge the performance of good insulation, it is time to see the options available for you in the market.

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Comparison of Different Types of Insulation

The best news is that the insulation industry has a lot to offer to homeowners based on their different concerns. There are insulation materials that perform better in certain climates or more affordable than the rest. However, a bustling market for insulation also poses some challenges since it’s hard to decide which one to choose.

The most common types of insulation are usually in the form of Blankets, Blocks, Loose fibers, and Foam.

Each differs in terms of application, advantages, and method of installation. We as an insulation contractor will give a quotation of different insulation materials and discuss the pros and cons of each. 

Loose Fibers

These are particles or lose fibers of insulating materials like foam, wool, or glass. Since they are loose, it is blown using a machine into an enclosed space or cavity to fill it more appropriately, especially those hard-to-reach-ones.

It is a bit tricky computing the required quantity of insulation using loose fibers since it changes its density as more fibers fill up space and compress with each other. There should be enough information from the manufacturer about how much is needed to fill a certain area of space and achieve the required R-value.


This is one of the most popular choices because of its accessibility and ease of installation. It is also one of the more affordable options among the list.

Blankets of insulation are made of fibers attached on a kraft paper, vinyl, foil, or foil-kraft paper to create a vapor or air barrier, and are fabricated on standard widths. You just need a good adhesive to stick the blankets to the surface and then cut around the corners to cover the area properly.

Concrete Blocks

These are incorporated within the foundations of the home and are filled with insulation. Some also incorporate the insulation into the blocks itself. There is a proper way of installing these special concrete blocks used as insulation for it to be effective.


Foam, or spray foam, is an insulating material that expands about three to four times its initial size before becoming a rigid mass. This special property is what makes it stand out among the other options in the market since it can effectively seal gaps and cracks by penetrating them when its fluid before forming a durable barrier.

Among the three above, one of the most cost-effective choices in Greenville, SC is spray foam insulation. Let us understand all things spray foam insulation in Greenville, SC so keep on reading. 

Why Choose Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam is a material formed out of combining two liquids. These two react with each other chemically and result in a foamy and liquid mass that hardens to a rigid foam eventually.

Hardened spray foam exhibits high thermal resistance, which is evident in its R-values. Because of this, many homeowners of Greenville, SC opt for spray foam insulation since it can cater to their home’s requirements overall – no need to work with other insulation materials. 

Aside from its excellent thermal resistance property, spray foam insulation also gives out other useful benefits to Greenville, SC homeowners. It can even address other home requirements concerning humidity, soundproofing, pest control, and structural strength. That’s additional cost savings for you since you don’t need to avail of those services from other providers.

Here are the top reasons why you should choose spray foam insulation for your Greenville, SC home:

This property is important for insulation materials, and spray foam exhibits the highest R-values per unit area overall.

Being able to provide high R-values means you can easily achieve a thermally resistant, comfortable, and high energy-efficient home with spray foam insulation. You don’t need to install too much to achieve the right insulation benefits.

Spray foam insulation in Greenville, SC offers good coverage of all types of areas within the home envelope. Since it is fluid and expands, you can apply it continuously even on odd or unreachable areas. You can also fill up cavities and spaces more easily; no need to consider density differences brought about by compression.

A properly insulated space can help your home achieve high energy efficiency. This means that your home maintains a regulated temperature inside regardless of what is outside. Consequently, this helps your heating or cooling units work normally, thus, emitting less carbon. Ultimately, you save on energy costs since you don’t waste energy by letting inside air escape.

Since spray foam can effectively seal all types of gaps, cracks, and other areas where inside air can leak through, it can create an air barrier. This prevents moisture from forming, as well as for moist air from the outside go inside.

This is one impressive feature of spray foam insulation when installed in your Greenville, SC home since moisture is a big concern for homeowners. As we know, excessive moisture can damage furniture, and also accelerates the growth of molds and mildew, which are harmful to our health.

Hardened spray foam also makes a good soundproofing material because of its cellular arrangement. It is compact enough to lessen the impact of noise from the outside. With proper installation, you can create a completely-soundproofed and insulated room in one.

Hardened spray foam is solid, rigid, and durable material making less prone to damage from everyday wear and tear. Its thermal property is resilient over time; it stays efficient even many years after installation. This is also one of the features that makes it a cost-effective option for its price tag.

Spray foam insulation in Greenville, SC is considered as an investment. That is, you reap returns aside from a gamut of benefits for your home and to you as the homeowner.

Having effective insulation that has a lot of value-added features and requires less maintenance cost is what embodies the spray foam insulation system for your home in Greenville, SC. And the highlight of cost-effectiveness is tangible savings from energy bills you can reap monthly over its lifetime.

SPF promises approximately 6.0 per inch thickness R-Value – based on the specific formulations and application. This thickness, in turn, offers more thermal resistance even with less material, compared to other forms of commercial insulation.

Many have reported 30% and greater utility savings per month.

whether closed or open cells, spray foam insulation prevents moist which often forms condensation. However, the closed-cell sprays are more functional against water bodies, thereby reducing the risk of mold and dews and their resultant effects.

Where environmental health is a factor, the spray foam insulation is a sure pick. Besides the fewer materials used in the process, it stays almost forever in your building. Again, the insulation reduces your energy consumption as well as prevent mold and mildew.

Now that you know about the value of our main line of service here at Greenville Spray Foam Insulation, may we present to you the two types of spray foam insulation you can choose from.

Aside from that, we’ll walk you through an overview of what to expect during the installation process and an idea about the cost of the service.

Types of Spray Foam insulation

Spray foam insulation in Greenville, SC falls under two types: Open-cell and Closed-cell

Both have the advantages of spray foam listed above, with differences that lie on how each is engineered, therefore, providing different R-values and applications.

Primarily, the final choice would depend on your goal. Each type performs better under certain circumstances, so no type is more superior than the other.

Open-cell Spray Foam Insulation

The cellular composition of open-cell spray foam is less compact, therefore, providing a bit of leeway for absorption to take place. However, it doesn’t affect its performance as an air barrier that much because of its ability to expand and harden after application. It just needs another layer of protection against moisture from the outside. Meanwhile, it still exhibits a higher R-value compared with other types of insulation in the market.

In Greenville, SC, open-cell spray foam insulation expands more than closed-cell. This ability makes it a better choice for insulating the cavities of walls, as well as the spaces, gaps, and cracks within the interior walls. It is also an excellent soundproofing material. Overall, open-cell spray foam insulation is friendlier in interior spaces.

To add, open-cell spray foam insulation in Greenville, SC is cheaper than closed-cell.  

Closed-cell Spray Foam Insulation

If you need more rigid, higher-performing, and more durable insulation, the best choice would be closed-cell spray foam.

Closed-cell spray foam insulation in Greenville, SC can provide a higher R-value, making it more ideal to use in areas that experience extreme weather conditions.

Being a rigid material, hardened closed-cell spray foam can also add integrity to structural foundations we spray it on to. This is because its cells are more compact, making it more resistant to moisture than open-cell.

Closed-cell spray foam insulation in Greenville, SC is costlier to install, so, we advise homeowners to have it only on more exposed areas, with the rest having open-cell. 

How It Works.

Curious about how it all works? It’s simple! Contact us to discuss your needs and schedule a consultation. Our experienced team will assess your project, provide tailored solutions, and handle the entire process with professionalism. Let’s get started today!
Assessment and measurement of the space to be insulated.
Mixing the components of the spray foam insulation
Curing / Finishing
Allowing the foam to cure properly, which may take a few hours.

Installation and Cost

To maximize the benefits of spray foam insulation in your Greenville, SC home, you would need an experienced insulation contractor to do the job right. We at Greenville Spray Foam Insulation have our staff trained to assess your space, plan with your needs in mind, and install spray foam insulation that will remain effective throughout its lifetime.

We invest in the right equipment to mix the compounds and form a stable foam. Our contractors also observe safety protocols to avoid the risks in their health and to yours.

It is best to cover or remove furniture before applying spray foam to avoid damaging them. If possible, allow at least an overnight to let the fumes subside and debris to settle first before going back to your home again after installation. We will also be helping you clear the space after the job is done.

Meanwhile, the cost of installing spray foam insulation in Greenville, SC depends on different factors, like the R-value requirement and space dimensions. These will determine how much spray foam is needed and the time to complete the job (we will be considering labor cost as well). It is best to contact us for an evaluation of your space requirements and cost estimate. Don’t worry as it is free.

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